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Meditation, Prayer, Dance

4 Letter Words

Etude for Solo Microphone


Kreuzung for two tenor saxophones is a polytemporal composition that explores the interjection of two constantly shifting time streams. Both performers gradually speed up and slow down at different rates. The resulting effect is a highly complex rhythmic texture that moves in and out of focus. The creation of this work was made possible by John Briggs, Samuel Brust, Jeff Kinsey, André J. North, Nicholas Phillips, Angel Santiago, and the New World Conservatory.


Kòu was composed for Christopher Belt. This work incorporates many of the different musical styles associated with the electric guitar and expands upon them. Since my first exposure to music as a child was listening to the radio when my parents were driving I found that the characteristics of that genre were already apart of my vocabulary. Using this as a point of departure enabled me to create very unique timbres and textures that work for and against the sound of guitar. Although a twelve-tone row was part of the initial compositional design the piece is not serial, rather pitches were chosen aesthetically and used almost thematically throughout the work.



Kinesthetic was made using percussive samples from household items such as a spatula striking a window as well as a sample of myself whistling that was then slowed and pitched down to create the atmospheric introduction. The “drum” loop was inspired by the music of Aphex Twin however it takes a deliberately easy route that is then manipulated through various forms of distortion and modulators. A Roland 808 kit is also sampled and utilizes a random note series obtained with a twelve-sided die. This piece was made using Logic Pro.

In, on, and Around

In, on, and Around was created using the built-in metronome sounds in Logic Pro. Throughout the duration of the work this seemingly simple sound is manipulated through various filters and distortions to create unique timbres and textures.



Click-tock was made using sounds from my toaster oven timer and my house phone. The atmosphere created is chaotic and meant to evoke the impression of being late. Yet overall there’s a sense of general organization that ties everything together. This piece was made using Logic Pro.

Solo Flute + Live Electronics Consortium (Closed)

Solo Flute + Live Electronics Consortium (Closed)

Commissioners – Haley Stickney, Soleimon Bolour, Dr. Karen Large, and Joseph LaRocca


8-11 minutes

Flute + Live Electronics

Flute part will be written with professional performers in mind.

All members of the consortium will have the mechanical license fee waived, should they wish to record the new work commercially or independently.

Saxophone Duet Consortium (Closed)

Saxophone Duet Consortium (Closed)

Commissioner – Jeff Kinsey


8 minutes

2 Saxophones + click track

This consortium is now closed. Please watch the video for the premiere performance of Kreuzung.

Red Tape, Negative Space


Red Tape, Negative Space is an exploration of varying amounts of intuitive composition inside of a highly restrictive compositional system.