Kreuzung for two tenor saxophones is a polytemporal composition that explores the interjection of two constantly shifting time streams. Both performers gradually speed up and slow down at different rates. The resulting effect is a highly complex rhythmic texture that moves in and out of focus. The creation of this work was made possible by John Briggs, Samuel Brust, Jeff Kinsey, André J. North, Nicholas Phillips, Angel Santiago, and the New World Conservatory.

Performance Instructions:

A cd containing three tracks is included with each set of parts. The first track is the combined click track for both parts with the tenor saxophone 1 in the left channel and tenor saxophone 2 in the right channel. The second track is the isolated click track for the first tenor saxophone. The third track is the isolated click track for the second tenor saxophone. For performances it is advised that a pair of headphone splitters are used so that each performer can hear their isolated click track.

All “x” noteheads are used to indicate pitched slaptongues. Timbre trills are notated with a “+” above the trill indication.

Technical suggestions:

Stereo to dual mono 1/8″ headphone splitter

1/8″ headphone extension